Ice on the Lake Michigan shoreline
Frozen shores of Lake Michigan, Upper Peninsula. Photo by Christian Yonkers.

Melania Trump and President Trump remain onstage as Joe Biden leaves at the closing of the last presidential debate.
First lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump remain onstage as Joe Biden exits at the close of the last presidential debate 10/22/2020. Photo by AP News/Julio Cortez.

I love my guns, and I’m pro-life. But a second Trump term is untenable. Here are my reasons why …

Trump announces an expanded ban on offshore oil drilling in Florida, Sept. 8. Photo courtesy of Global News Archive.

Fact check: Trump is no environmentalist

Rocky Mountain National Park, near Nymph Lake. Photo by Christian Yonkers

Work boot stepping on article about climate change.
Photo by Christian Yonkers

To survive climate change, we must find commonality with its skeptics, specifically, conservatives.

Fletcher Christian and the mutineers sent Lieutenant William Bligh and 18 others adrift; 1790 painting by Robert Dodd.
Robert Dodd’s 1790 depiction of the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty. National Maritime Museum. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

Christian Wayne Yonkers

A Michigan-based journalist and photographer creating content for environmental and social change.

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