Insightful read. I deeply admire the work you put into this, Cameron Catanzano . Like you I recognize the “climate conscious villain” is a straw man representing our terror of climate change: Oversimplified, linear, and conquered with strength or tech. Moreover, the fight against climate conscious villains is always relegated to a small cadre of superheroes: The general public never engages the fight for their survival nor changes course after the day is won. It’s like the reset button is hit once a villain is destroyed, and the status quo may continue.

Also, the introduction of the climate conscious villain is usually initiated by a concentrated force or event totally separated from the rest of humanity. This reasserts the message that we, the dumb and defenseless public, have no volition over our destinies, and are totally dependent on fancy and whim.

Stories which fuse skillful telling, truthful narratives (even in a metaphorical sense), inspire volition, and stir contextual connection are desperately needed in our grappling with climate change.

Great article man. I look forward to reading your next one.

A Michigan-based journalist and photographer creating content for environmental and social change.

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